Septic Inspection


Septic Inspection

If you own a septic system anywhere in Washington State, you are required by state law to check your septic system on a regular basis in order to be sure it is working properly. Basic septic systems with a tank and a gravity-fed drain-field must be inspected at least once every three years.  

 Snohomish County  has implemented possible rebates for your next professional inspection (with or without pumping) and riser installation.

Every county requires an inspection in compliance with state law. For Skagit County, For Island County


Pump Replacement and Small Repairs

We do small repairs for your septic on the spot.  

Norsky Septic has short term and long term  maintenance contracts.  Let us maintain your system and keep everything running smoothly from year to year and between septic pumping.   


Replace Septic System Risers and Lids

 Some septic  systems still don't have risers and this makes it hard for us to find your septic.  This requires additional digging and extra expense. We replace risers and lids for your convenience and make service calls easy.